How Nomadizers started

Our community's name

It just happened like this. We found the name that summed up perfectly what we are offering you. This is how we feel: we are nomads from a new generation. In many aspects. We do not fit in just one place. We love to travel from one place to another and discover its people, its special corners and its atmosphere. We are from everywhere and from nowhere at the same time. We are from the world. Therefore, we have created our own: Nomadizers World. A world for an offbeat, vital and adventurous generation with stories that are worth sharing.

Connect with other Nomadizers to travel and make experienced tours together

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Travelling together: If two people want to travel to the same destination and same dates, why don't do it together? From the moment you enter your dates and destination, the platform automatically selects those users with the same search features than you so you can connect and contact with them and, ultimately, decide if you want to travel together and be a member of our Nomadizers World.


Sharing plans: Whether you are in your city or traveling and you want to meet new people, you can surf the tab Plans on the web. There, you will find lots of plans, so you can join them or create new ones. Thus, everyone with an adventurous or gregarious spirit has place in our world Nomadizers.

Don't hesitate it anymore! Nomadizers is your community!