Norah arlet

Norah arlet

Ruta Gastronómica Por Cochabamba (Gastronomic Tour In Cochabamba)

Cochabamba, Bolivia
3 min - max
1 day

Prices - USD

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Groups of Price/person Extras/person Total
1 to 2 people 50$ (0%) 60$ 110.0$ (USD)
3 to 6 people 45$ (-10%) 60$ 105.0$ (USD)

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What includes


A tour of the gastronomic capital of Bolivia that will last 12 hours.
The tour will allow you to know tourist places and at the same time taste the typical dishes of each region, with 1 hour trips between villages you will know the culture, art and hospitality of this beautiful land.
The tour includes transportation, tour guide tasting all the dishes and drinks plus a guided tour throughout the trip, includes photographs and a souvenir at the end of the trip. More detail to WhatsApp +59160715089