Natural Training And Traditional Argentinian Asado In The Most Beautiful Places Of Mendoza / Treinamento Natural E Asado Argentino Tradicional Nos Lugares Mais Bonitos De Mendoza / Entrenamiento Natural Y Asado Tradicional Argentino En Los Lugares Ma

Ciudad De Mendoza, Argentina
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For all those active nomads who enjoy traveling, nature, to do physical activity and to eat naturally this is an excellent opportunity that combines all these things.

We will do a Guided Physical Training in a natural environment, in this case it will be in the sand dunes "Los Altos Limpios" of Lavalle.

The session lasts approximately 1 hour. and 30 minutes.
We will hike along a short path that will take us to the place where we will develop the activity.
Some of the training topics will be:
Natural Training
Non-Conventional Training
Calisthenics and Gymnastics
Acrobatics and Skills
Martial Arts
Use of autochthonous plants
Therefore during the encounter we will execute exercises related not only with the previous paradigms of movement but also with any proposal and interest of the participant.
We are going to get dirty, we are going to sweat, we are going to tire but every effort has a great reward.

We consider rustic and simple cuisine as essential for optimum nutrition, in this way we take the opportunity to delight with traditional dishes of great flavor.
These are not gourmet dishes, so we speak of abundance and quality. Real and Natural Food.
We propose a Paleo lunch but we open to more conventional options since the purpose of the meeting itself is recre-active.
It is a traditional roast cooked with firewood with top quality meat, vegetables, salad and fruits.
Roasted vegetables, fruit salad and nuts (optional wine).
Wine (optional only for lunch).
Water will be our only source of hydration during physical activity, we do not promote under any concept alcoholic beverages, hypercarbohydrated or gasified to supplement the loss of body water through sweat.
Traditional infusion of Yerba Mate ground


Para todos os nômades ativos que gostam de viajar, natureza, conhecer, fazer atividades físicas e comer naturalmente, esta é uma excelente oportunidade que combina todas essas coisas.

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