Salvador jared

Salvador jared

"Real Deep Experience For The Day Of The Dead " . The Tour Begins By Receiving You At Our Home In Th

Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán, Mexico
1 min - 1 max
3 day

What includes

Type's tour

Cultural Gastronomy


"Real deep experience for the day of the dead " . The tour begins by receiving you at our home in the village of "Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan" , we have only 2 rooms available, as we want you to live these days as a local, you would live with us and see how we do celebrate this important date . We offer as well a cooking class, by making mole , chocolate , breakfasts, dinner and meals are all included , you will go to the local market as for us is really important to support the village by doing this. We will make a traditional altar and also will be at my grandpa's tomb to have dinner , drinks and also make a party with him , as he liked it a lot . So is very important for us you to enjoy party a lot so you can find it amusing , because this day is so happy for us , Mezcal is on us as well . The tour is for 3 days and 2 nights. Lodging is also included in the price . It will begin on October the 30th , because one day after is "la vela" so we have to prepare for staying the whole night at the graveyard. We've had experiences with travelers because we have received a lot of them in order to understand the basic needs of them . Please come and join us , the best experience you can get , we are looking forward to have you here with us .