1 | What is an InZider?

An InZider is a citizen passionate about his/her locality who wants to show visitors the most special corners of his/her city, inviting them to do original and different activities to traditional tours, in exchange for earning extra money (established by himself/herself).

2 | Who can be InZider?

InZiders can be all kinds of people. No matter what profession they have. They just have to have something in common: wanting to teach their city through their talent or unique skills to get extra money.

3 | What conditions must InZiders meet?

They must have all the permissions to carry out the activities they promote in Nomadizers and have a civil liability policy for the possible damages that the activity may cause. They must also be up to date with their tax and labor obligations. On the other hand, they must have all intellectual and industrial property rights about the information and images that they upload on the platform and have all the administrative or other permissions that are necessary for the accomplishment of the activity.

4 | Do Nomadizers pay anything to the InZiders?

No. Nomadizers is just a showcase through which InZiders promote their activities so that the community consumes them if they wish. It's the customer who pays guía for the activity when he makes a reservation.

5 | How can you register if you want to be InZider on Nomadizers?

You must click the button 'Become an InZider' in the main page of the web and follow the steps detailed to fill your profile. Then you can publish your activity (s). It's very easy, you'll see!

6 | How to publish my first activity?

Once you have filled in all your profile data, you will have to fill in the screen to 'Describe the activity you want to share'. Then, you will have to detail the city where you want to carry out the activity, determine how many people can be targeted, how long it will last, how much it costs per person and what language you will perform the activity. At the end, you should add an image so people can see what the activity is about and, of course, describe what it is about.

7 | What kind of activities can I publish?

You can publish all kind of cultural or leisure activities, as long as they are original and different. We would like you to enable them into the 3 main categories of activities: gastronomic, cultural or adventure. If you think yours doesn’t fit into any of these three categories you can click 'Other'.

8 | Can I post activities anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can publish activities in any city and country of the world as long as you tax in that country.

9 | Has it any cost to register as InZider?

Yes, in order to publish your activities you will have to pay a small amount which will be applied to you only once. From then on, you can publish the activities you want. As you will see, it is an amount that can be amortized in the first activity you publish.