"Weed Or Without You" Enjoy A 420 Tasting Of Th

Ciudad De México, México
1 min - Más de 12 max

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"Weed or without you"

Enjoy a 420 tasting of the best quality. There will be a great live music, cool visuals, tasty snacks and a lot of fun and good vibes. The magic and the work tools are provided by the hosts. Today is an extraordinary opportunity to get a glimpse into marijuana's culture! "Weed or without you" is at the forefront of cannabis tourism and for all things marijuana in CDMX. We are revolutionizing the way tourists and locals have a 420 experience.

There will be an opportunity to meet a cannabis master and learn how marijuana is so great for ourselves. Take a scenic drive through best weed experience in the city.

Ejoy water-pipes, papper, vipes and a tour of the place.
Munchies? cure your cravings for something delicious. Eat a delicious and healty mexican food (We also have vegan options, ask for it)