A place for everyone

Nomadizers bet on tourism for all as the only way to understand the community. Therefore, we work so that the platform is an accessible tool for everyone: simple, intuitive and highly interactive. Our main goal is that any collective freely in Nomadizers can find the perfect virtual space to connect with other travelers or guías, and establish lasting relationships over time.

We also offer our travelers different types of tours to choose the one that best suits their needs. We are working to sensory disabilities to have a community where everyone can access to Nomadizers services with the same opportunities as anyone else.

Therefore, we establish synergies with related entities in order to support and encourage this group. Ultimately, we want to have in our website the perfect showcase for tourism enjoy the same rights. In Nomadizers, we fight every day for a plural and quality tourism where everyone has a place.

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Discover the world and its different cultures

If you want to learn a language you need to practice it, that's a fact. But how many schools provide that service to its students? Don't you think it would be great to yours?

In fact, all people who sign up to our platform through your school have the same opportunities as any other traveler but also highlighting what school come from. This can only be to bring you benefits: in addition to automatically create a micro community of your school, where all students will be able to recognize and interrelate each other, it will generate a positive and differential Brand image of your school.

Anything involving an additional service will improve your position face to your competition since the provision that shall offer your students will be of a better quality.

If students have in mind a group tour, you can contact travelers from different parts of the world or maybe locals with whom they can put into practice the language they are studying.

Tell us, is there perhaps a better way to learn a language to implement it while enjoying? We think not! We wait for you in our Nomadizer World, full of opportunities for your students.

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Some travelers want to be solidary while meeting amazing people

If you are the representative of an NGO, you are in the right place. In Nomadizers we share values such as honesty, solidarity and commitment to society. That is why we have designed a section of our platform to NGOs that promote travel beyond entertainment, for solidarity.

We've found that many people would perform volunteer trips if they could do it in a group. We know firsthand that this situation can stop someone when making the decision. Therefore, Nomadizers is a perfect place to find travelers who want to travel together to volunteer. All people with the same interests may coincide in our travel groups and could embark on this adventure.

In Nomadizers you will find a perfect place to announce your volunteer programs, your company profile and you can also manage all volunteer through the "tour groups" tool. In short, Nomadizers is nothing more than a showcase to be seen to approache the large number of travelers who wants to move around responsible interests. We are sure you are going to discover that Nomadizer World is much more than entertainment. ;)

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Travelling for work and enjoy leisure time are compatible

If you are the representative of a private company that shares the same values as Nomadizers, welcome to your entertainment space!

What we offer you is a corporate adventure. We believe it's essential that workers in a company share the same culture, interact with other travelers to know each other better and have a positive attitude towards work and towards the company. Therefore, in Nomadizers you may create your personal space company, where all workers are identified as members of your organization. They can make trips and discover cities in group, and improve their relationships.

In addition, there are many jobs where travel to other countries is almost mandatory. Why don't offer workers the opportunity to have fun while doing that business trip? In this way, they learn the language or culture of the place with locals, for example.

We believe that happy workers improve their efficiency and yield, all we can say is: try to make them happy. We are confident that in Nomadizer World they will find their relational corporate space and, as a company, you will bring many benefits.

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