Why you must visit... Dublin

Dublin is both literature and inspiration, because it inspired important writers such as Oscar Wilde. Dublin was founded by the Vikings in the early ninth century and has been the scene of many wars until the twentieth century. Thanks to its past, Dublin is today a modern and wealthy capital in history able to captivate everyone with its lively center and its green landscapes.

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Guinness Storehouse

It is one of the best attractions of Ireland: the factory -museum of the famous Guinness beer , with over 250 years of history. The visit is mandatory even if you don't like the beer. If you're a beer lover better for you because at the end of the route they give you a pint of Guinness (or soda) you can taste in their famous Gravity Bar, from which you can see the city with 360 ° perspective

Temple Bar

You can't go to Dublin without walking Temple Bar, that is, the pub area of the city. At night there is a nice atmosphere. Lot of bars, starting with the most known "Temple Bar" , are ideal to enjoy live music and good beer

Malahide Castle

Malahide is a suburb in the north of Dublin where are several Bed and Breakfast, but best of all is his castle. Built in the fourteenth century serves as a gallery of National gallery of Dublin. It is worth visiting especially if you like ghost stories...