La Habana

Why you must visit... La Habana

Havana is a wonderful city, full of life and contrasts. Cultural expressions proof that its people are proud of their roots and do not want to leave them behind. The relaxation that is breathed in its wonderful beaches contrast with the environment, always musical, in its streets. Visit Havana will mark a before and after in your life. Do you dare to let yourself go?

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Cuban Art Factory (F.A.C.). It is known as the home of art and Cuban artists. It is a cultural project conceived by renowned Cuban musician Alfonso X, the confluence of multiple art forms such as music, photography, dance, theater, visual arts and industrial design, among other specialties.

Pabellón Cuba

Cuba Pavilion is a unique exhibition area located in La Rampa, one of the most central roads in the Cuban capital. It is used as co-host of the popular Book Fair of Havana, exhibitions of works of art, debates on cultural, recreational activities for children and youth, samples innovations and relevant work done by young people in various fields, and many others functions. Therefore, it is one of the main cultural squares of the city of Havana and the country. Currently it serves as the national headquarters of the Hermanos Saiz Association, which is the organization that receive young Cuban artists, both professionals and amateurs.

Callejón de Hamel

Callejon de Hamel, is located between the streets Aramburu and Hospital, in the centre of Habana. There is the first mural in the street dedicated to Afro-Cuban culture, born on April 21, 1990 in the neighborhood of Cayo Hueso. What began as a simple street demonstration of Afro-Cuban art and culture has become a benchmark and a sanctuary for all Cubans who feel that their roots are still alive and they are not willing to disown them. On the street there is music at all hours, from radio or street musicians. In there, there people organize many matinees, which are like small concerts where singing, dancing and usually drink at noon or late afternoon.