Why you must visit... Tokyo

If you are crazy, extravagant and you like the old and the modern, you must visit Tokyo. The biggest megalopolis in the world, with 35 million people, is a city full of culture, with lots of nightlife and thousands of shops where you can buy the latest technological invention and either the best oriental cuisine. Do not forget to walk around the Shinjuku neighborhood where the neon lights and atmosphere are present 24 hours per day, the Metropolitan Government Building or the Tsukiji Market, the world's busiest fish market.

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Formerly a famous geisha quarter. Nowadays, traditional items stores coexist with French restaurants, but keep the old-fashioned look of ancient alleys.

Omoide Yokocho

Literally "Alley of Remembrance" is a group of alleys full of small restaurants where they serve ramen, soba, sushi, yakitori and kushiyaki. It maintains the essence and appearance of the 50's.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

A natural onsen whose appearance recreates the ancient streets of Tokyo centuries ago. It also includes a multitude of restaurants and shops, according to the season.