Do you have any question, traveller?

1 | What is Nomadizers?

It is a community of travelers with adventurous spirit created for you to share all the travel process and enjoy the experience together. You can also hire the services of our inZiders who will help you discover the cities through thematic tours. The aim of Nomadizers is to live a shared experience and an unforgettable trip.

2 | Who can use Nomadizers?

Anyone who is over the age of 18 that has a wanderlust spirit.

3 | For what purpose are you going to use my data?

All data collected by the platform is protected in accordance with current Data Protection Laws and they won't be used for other purposes than the operation of the platform and to send you information of your interest.

4 | Which data of my profile is public?

In the registry data some is public and other private. The private ones are used to verify the identity of users and only the Nomadizers Society has access to this data.

It will only be visible the necessary data to make other Nomadizers know you better (hobbies, languages, presentation ...), so we won't publish your email address or your pone number.

5 | Who is a traveler and who is a local?

A traveler is someone who wants to travel to another city. Meanwhile , a local doesn't travel but wants to meet other people who arrive to his city to teach them his culture or doing a language exchange for example.

6 | Oops! I've registered as a traveler but nobody can see me.

This could happen if you haven't verified your account. In this case , you must access to the platform and request the verification email . When you receive it , you only have to click it to make your profile public. Remember to check it in the spam email, just in case.

7 | How can I find other travelers or locals similars to me to do travels together?

Once you have introduced the dates and the destination of your journey in the section 'Explore' , the platform will automatically show you all the travelers who are traveling at the same time and at the same place as you and also it shows you the locals who are in your destination city . The next thing you have to do is to check the interests you have in common to see your compatibility. Besides, you can talk to them through our email system.

8 | How to create a travel group?

In 'Add trip' section you can create your journey with the destination and the dates you choose. Then, the platform will create a travel group automatically, of which you will be the administrator. You can access the group from your personal profile. Other travelers will find your group through the 'Explore' tab and join it through the 'Join' button.

9 | What are travel groups used for?

'Travel groups' are used for joining in one space all the travelers who want to travel together so they can reach an agreement about matters concerning the trip, such as flights , hotels, restaurants, how to go, etc. In' Group Wall' you can discuss these issues through an email service . In addition, we have designed a special section called 'Notes' where you could write down the conclusions of your discussions ( ADD PHOTO) . There is also a section of 'Plans' with suggestions of those plans take place on the dates you 'll be there in case you're interested to join in.

10 | How to add a plan?

It's very easy! Click on the 'Add plan' and fill in the fields we requested to have more details of the plan. You can add plans such as parties, gatherings, to dance , to play sports , to watch movies or going on excursions to meet new people, whether you 're traveling or in your own city.

11 | How to find a plan that already exists?

Go to 'Explore' tab and you'll see all the groups created.

12 | How I can become a SuperNomadizer?

SuperNomadizers are users who accomplish four requirements : having a complete profile , unique experiences, good reviews and a certain seniority in Nomadizers . As higher the quality of your profile has, the more places you gain in our Nomadizers ranking. Think the more you upgrading, more advantages you have. For example , if you are SuperNomadizer, you gain trust in other travelers and you could benefit from internal advantages in the Nomadizer World . You can add trips, plans, a video presentation, photos ... and all we have prepared to complet your enter profile and show us you're a real traveler.

13 | I want to cancel my account

There is an option to cancel your account . From that moment, you will not appear active in your public profile, but you still continue registered on the web. If you want to cancel your account definitely, write us at a and we will make it effective immediately.