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What kind of Entity can be part of Nomadizers?

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Any entity related to the tourism and leisure sector that wants to get their products or services to our community of the new generation travelers. If you are a travel agency, a restaurant, a hotel, a hostel, a language academy, a leisure company, a travel products shop or any other similar entity, it is time to reach your audience!

If you want to sell your products or services to the young traveler, register as an entity in Nomadizers, the best travel community already present in 85 countries. You choose the low cost advertising fee you pay to promote your products or services among more than 20,000 people who are part of our social network.

Why are you interested in being in our travel community?

Because it is the best way to get your products or services to today's travelers. Most of our travelers are between 18 and 35 years old and belong to the millennials target: an interconnected, technological generation with a desire to live different experiences specially while they're travelling.

Because we offer you a type of innovative advertising and specially designed for you. These are sponsored post, located in our central page: the Nomadizers Wall (the page with the most visits of the web). In this post you can include photos, videos and a brief explanation of what you do in a very attractive and graphic way. Ideal for winning customers and fans ;)

How to register as an Entity in Nomadizers?

1. Sign up and fill in all required fields

2. Pay the rate that interests you at most to show your services/products to our community

3. Publish your services/products with an attractive picture, a brief description of what you do and a link to your website

4. Start enjoying your status as an Entity in Nomadizers

Advertising rates

We offer 3 different rates and very suitable to what you are looking for. You can choose between Basic Rate, Medium Rate or Premium Rate. You can consult all of them here.

High visibility in the Nomadizers wall, the page with more visits of the website and where the users remain more time
Post until 20 different trips
Creation from 2 to 5 posts which can be changed
Connect directly with the young target (millenials)
Personalized attention for the Nomadizers team
SSL Secured
/12 months
5 ads
20 trips
/9 months
3 ads
5 trips
/6 months
2 ads
3 trips

What does Nomadizers offer you in return?

Tools: all the tools you need to create a professional web profile
Easy administration: through our system you can manage your activities in the calendar easily
Marketing: through our multiple marketing channels we will make our travellers to find easily your activities
Security: Our cancellation policy will protect you in case of cancellations or non-submitted clients

If you feel like an Entity with Wanderlust spirit, your story on Nomadizers is about to begin.

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