Why you must visit... Barcelona

If you have chosen Barcelona is because you like the modern, the cosmopolitan, the Mediterranean... There is much to see in the city, so we recommend you to eat a good 'pa amb tomàquet ' breakfast, have a coffee and start your visit watching the breathtaking Gaudí and Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló and la Pedrera. You can't leave the city without walking down along its most elegant street, Paseo de Gracia or busy Ramblas that take you to the sea. Once there, have a drink under the sun and enjoy the great atmosphere of Barceloneta.

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Búnkers del Carmel

This Civil War shelter is the most special of the city and not well known for many tourists. We recommend you go up there by car at sunset, take some snacks and enjoy the amazing views! You won't regret it!

Bharma Bar

If you are a fan of Lost you have to stop at Bharma Bar before leaving Barcelona. It has all the details of the serie... The plane embedded in the wall or the hatches of the serie. And if you want to have a drink, you have to try the Bharma beer, just the same as protagonists drank on the serie ...It's absolutely amazing!

Laberint d'Horta

Laberint d' Horta is a very original park that includes, as you see, an Alice in Wonderland labyrinth. It's ideal if you want to walk around with your couple or if you go with children. Ah! and it is free on Sundays


Why you must visit... Madrid

"From Madrid to Heaven" it is one of the slogans that best defines the capital. Its enormous cultural heritage will leave you breathless. Start making a historic route through "Madrid de los Austrias" and take a bath culture at El Museo del Prado. In addition, we recommend you to take a boat at the Retiro park and experience such an amazing sunset at the Temple of Debod.

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Our list of charming places that few know. Do you keep us the secret?

Círculo de Bellas Artes

For us, it is definitely one of the MUST of the capital. On the top floor of El Círculo de Bellas Artes, this stunning terrace have 360º views of the city. It is the ideal place to go with friends or your partner and enjoy an afternoon taking something. It leave you astounded!

Parque del Capricho

One of the most beautiful parks in the city and not very well known. You will be transported to the most romantic gardens typical of the XIX century. All its corners are super special and loving. Note that only open on weekends and it's free

Mercado de Motores

We present you one of the best vintage markets of Madrid and we say better especially for its location within the Railway Museum, full of old steam trains worth visiting between purchases. In addition , there is a magnificent terrace at the back, where live music performances are given


Why you must visit... Valencia

Valencia is synonymous with sun, beach and paellas, but also much more. If you are looking for history you will find it in the old town, where you can find the cathedral or the City Hall Square. Moreover, if you like nature, take a boat ride on the Albufera National Park and enjoy the nightlife of its famous beach Malvarrosa and Las Arenas. And don’t forget to visit the City of Arts and Sciences, the icon of modern Valencia.

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Our list of charming places that few know. Do you keep us the secret?

Puerto de Valencia

It is one of the best places to go for drinks in the city. Strolling around, you‘ll find a very peculiar building: Veles e Vents, and the best entertainment in town in places such as Las Animas, perfect for enjoying a night beside the Mediterranean

Plaza Redonda

It is not a very touristy corner, but it’s so interesting. Years ago, it was a place where merchants were selling meat and fish. But now you find mainly harberdasheries and household items, all quite traditional and curious

Parque Gulliber

This unique park is located near the River Turia and very few know. It is actually a sculpture of 70 meters of Gulliver created in 1990, and though the character's story has nothing to do with Valencia, it will remind you of „fallas“. Ideal to go with children or if you feel like sliding down its endless slides


Why you must visit... Sevilla

Visiting Sevilla is like travelling through the history of Spain without moving from one city. To discover it, there's nothing better than getting lost in its narrow streets, visit the Cathedral and the Giralda, stroll through the Maria Luisa Park and enjoy the Expo pavilions of 1927. At night, go to one bar to eat some tapas and enter to one of the many night tablaos, because historic center of Sevilla has a very special color and atmosphere!

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Our list of charming places that few know. Do you keep us the secret?

Jardín Americano

It is one of the gardens created during the Expo Universal of 1992. A corner in Isla de la Cartuja to disconnect and breathe peace on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. There are 14 hectares of garden where you can see up to 300 plants, all typical American

Torre de los Perdigones

Climb to the viewpoint of that tower, located in The Macarena district, is running out of words. From its "dark chamber" is all even pretty and whiter that when strolling through the streets of Sevilla. Of course, the climb to the top is not suitable for people with vertigo, as the viewpoint is 45 meters high!

Plaza de Santa Marta

This little square, the smallest of the city, is one of the most magical places of Seville. It’s like an oasis of tranquility and fresh air in the center. Located in the city center, next to the Cathedral, you will access it only through a narrow street of the Plaza Virgen de los Reyes

San Sebastián

Why you must visit... San Sebastián

San Sebastián is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Spain and where you’ll probably eat better, although many don‘t know that. Wander through the endless Playa de la Concha, immerse yourself in its alleys full of "pintxos bars“ or go to Mount Igeldo to enjoy the best views of this beautiful city.

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Playa de Ondarreta

Over shadowed by La Concha, this is one of the best beaches in San Sebastian. It is quite large, it has many waves, and there aren’t so many people as in the Concha or Zurriola. Ideal for surfing and overlooking the island of Santa Clara and the city, that will give the chance of taking so many photos

Cementerio de los Ingleses

It is one of the most special places in the Monte Urgull. This is a military cemetery in which are buried British soldiers who died in the battle of 1813 in the city. A corner full of mystery that you must visit if you like the unknown

Parque Cristina Enea

It is the Central Park of Donostia, the green lung of the city. Very central and ideal to go with a blanket after a heavy meal and pause or even have a siesta in the middle of the park. Leaving the park, we recommend you to walk a bit through the Tabakalera, the new cultural center of the city


Why you must visit... Brussels

Brussels combines the majesty of its buildings with the seriousness of the role it plays as the centre of Europe. In fact, travel to Belgium is to swim between its green villages romantic and the modernism of a city with more than 200 museums, 300 Art Nouveau buildings and 35 World Heritage Sites declared. Do you like to travel to the country of chocolate and beer?

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Although it’s not strictly Brussels, we should talk about Ghent. It is the most picturesque Belgian town. Anyone who has visited it, will tell you the same thing: its charm it will intoxícate your senses. Stroll along the sides of the canal, hop on one of the boats that roam its waters and breathe that perfect nature surrounding this small town is a delight. We recommend you to visit the village in July, when they celebrate their annual festival and the entire space is filled with a special magic. Ghent will captivate you!

Sky Bar / Parking 58

From the roof of that parking in Brussels, which in summer becomes a chillout bar, you will see the whole city with a 360 °. panoramic. Views are simply amazing, and allows you to make a mentally graphic tour of all the places that you still have to visit.

St. Gilles

Undoubtedly, St. Gilles is a place to visit at different times during the day and each one will offer you a different view of the city. It is a square in the center of Brussels where you can enjoy a relaxed cup of coffee, a vivid nightlife or a delicious Sunday brunch. Besides, we highlight the Sunday market, really really nice!


Why you must visit... Sydney

It is a paradise for surfers, but also for those who love modern and progressive cities. Australia is full of amazing contrasts, from its beaches and deserts to their cities with an urbanization rate that exceeds the world average. If you like warm weather, waves and multicultural cities, Sydney is a must in your trips’ wishlist!

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Our list of charming places that few know. Do you keep us the secret?

Cogee Pavilion

If you want to surprise someone with a romantic dinner in Sydney, you definitely have to take him/her to Cogee Pavilion. The restaurant, located on the Cogee Beach has sea views that will make your dinner an absolute pleasure. And, as promoted in the restaurant, "CogeePavilion celebrate the good things in life: friendship, family, fun and food overlooking the ocean Cogee". A perfect Nomadizer’s place!

Tamarama Beach

In the coastal area of the state of New South Wales (East Sydney) you will find an excellent beach with all services and less crowded than Bondi Beach, more touristy. It is a quiet place that also combines incredible green spaces. In fact, Tamarama is a place that is mixed between luxury and power and wildness of its beach. It worths it!

Sydney Harbour

If you want to delight yourself, Sydney Harbour is your corner. A place that will bring calm, where you can enjoy views of the Bridge and the majestic Sydney Opera House. It is the perfect place to end a romantic stroll. You can't avoid visit it!


Why you must visit... Berlin

This European city keeps inside a lot of history and some of the most important moments of our humanity. So when you travel to Berlin go there with comfortable shoes as you 'll see in a few days centuries of history by visiting the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate, its beautiful cathedral or Alexander Platz , the most famous city square.

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Memorial to the Murdered Jews

This monument to the Jews is a MUST if you go to Berlin. Located in the city center, it is composed of more than 2,700 slabs. The slabs have different heights and inclinations to make you feel a bit strange atmosphere. The idea is to feel the same feeling felt by the Jews during the Second World War

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

This Lutheran Church has become a memorial of II World War, as it was almost completely destroyed during the bombing. Later, it was decided to make a memorial uniting the ruins to a more modern building . His appearance of blackened ruined castle gives itself a special charm and wants us to remember how dark are the wars

Dead Chicken Alley

This alley is the ultimate expression of alternative culture of Berlin. Here you will find bars, exhibitions, workshops and many grafitis. The contrast between this area and the shopping district next door Hackescher Market, is brutal! There is no better solution than to go there and experience it firsthand


Why you must visit... Dublin

Dublin is both literature and inspiration, because it inspired important writers such as Oscar Wilde. Dublin was founded by the Vikings in the early ninth century and has been the scene of many wars until the twentieth century. Thanks to its past, Dublin is today a modern and wealthy capital in history able to captivate everyone with its lively center and its green landscapes.

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Guinness Storehouse

It is one of the best attractions of Ireland: the factory -museum of the famous Guinness beer , with over 250 years of history. The visit is mandatory even if you don't like the beer. If you're a beer lover better for you because at the end of the route they give you a pint of Guinness (or soda) you can taste in their famous Gravity Bar, from which you can see the city with 360 ° perspective

Temple Bar

You can't go to Dublin without walking Temple Bar, that is, the pub area of the city. At night there is a nice atmosphere. Lot of bars, starting with the most known "Temple Bar" , are ideal to enjoy live music and good beer

Malahide Castle

Malahide is a suburb in the north of Dublin where are several Bed and Breakfast, but best of all is his castle. Built in the fourteenth century serves as a gallery of National gallery of Dublin. It is worth visiting especially if you like ghost stories...

La Habana

Why you must visit... La Habana

Havana is a wonderful city, full of life and contrasts. Cultural expressions proof that its people are proud of their roots and do not want to leave them behind. The relaxation that is breathed in its wonderful beaches contrast with the environment, always musical, in its streets. Visit Havana will mark a before and after in your life. Do you dare to let yourself go?

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Cuban Art Factory (F.A.C.). It is known as the home of art and Cuban artists. It is a cultural project conceived by renowned Cuban musician Alfonso X, the confluence of multiple art forms such as music, photography, dance, theater, visual arts and industrial design, among other specialties.

Pabellón Cuba

Cuba Pavilion is a unique exhibition area located in La Rampa, one of the most central roads in the Cuban capital. It is used as co-host of the popular Book Fair of Havana, exhibitions of works of art, debates on cultural, recreational activities for children and youth, samples innovations and relevant work done by young people in various fields, and many others functions. Therefore, it is one of the main cultural squares of the city of Havana and the country. Currently it serves as the national headquarters of the Hermanos Saiz Association, which is the organization that receive young Cuban artists, both professionals and amateurs.

Callejón de Hamel

Callejon de Hamel, is located between the streets Aramburu and Hospital, in the centre of Habana. There is the first mural in the street dedicated to Afro-Cuban culture, born on April 21, 1990 in the neighborhood of Cayo Hueso. What began as a simple street demonstration of Afro-Cuban art and culture has become a benchmark and a sanctuary for all Cubans who feel that their roots are still alive and they are not willing to disown them. On the street there is music at all hours, from radio or street musicians. In there, there people organize many matinees, which are like small concerts where singing, dancing and usually drink at noon or late afternoon.


Why you must visit... Tokyo

If you are crazy, extravagant and you like the old and the modern, you must visit Tokyo. The biggest megalopolis in the world, with 35 million people, is a city full of culture, with lots of nightlife and thousands of shops where you can buy the latest technological invention and either the best oriental cuisine. Do not forget to walk around the Shinjuku neighborhood where the neon lights and atmosphere are present 24 hours per day, the Metropolitan Government Building or the Tsukiji Market, the world's busiest fish market.

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Our list of charming places that few know. Do you keep us the secret?


Formerly a famous geisha quarter. Nowadays, traditional items stores coexist with French restaurants, but keep the old-fashioned look of ancient alleys.

Omoide Yokocho

Literally "Alley of Remembrance" is a group of alleys full of small restaurants where they serve ramen, soba, sushi, yakitori and kushiyaki. It maintains the essence and appearance of the 50's.

Oedo Onsen Monogatari

A natural onsen whose appearance recreates the ancient streets of Tokyo centuries ago. It also includes a multitude of restaurants and shops, according to the season.