Easy peasy! To become a Nomadizer you have to follow these 4 steps:

1. Create your Nomadizer's profile

Complete your profile with information that defines you best to make others Nomadizers may know you well and start sharing experiences together. The more you write about yourself, the easier you will find other Nomadizers who look like you.

2. Create your first trip

Tell us where you want to go, on what dates, give us a brief description of how you want your trip and it will be automatically added to your profile. Remember that you can add as many trips as you like throughout your experiences in our Nomadizer's World. There is so much to see!

3. Search travelmates

Go to the Search tab. There you can specify the city and travel dates and people who are in the same destination tan you during those dates will appear. You can filter the results by common interests, for the type of trip you want, etc. So you can meet your perfect Nomadizers partner. Great, right?

4. Search or create plans

In Nomadizer's World, experiences does not end with the trip ... You can also create or find plans both in your city and in your travel destination. In Search tab you will find plans to join. We have an infinite number of interesting plans for you... So what are you waiting for? Let yourself go, Nomadizer and live your adventure!

You can't resist it any longer, and you know it!

Nomadizers is your community