Some Nomatips for you

We want to know you

Nomadizer, the importance of this platform is that you can connect with more travelers like you, that is because you share interests and affinity. Therefore, we suggest you complete your profile to the fullest, as it will be the best way you can introduce yourself to your travelmates. As most of you know, the easier you will be to find your ideal travelmate.

So tell us what you do, what are your hobbies, how do you spend free time and why are you a Nomadizer. Tell us also how many languages do you speak and what kind of trip you want to do. These data is important for us to suggest you people as close to you as possible.

Share a video presentation on your profile

If you have a little time, dare to upload a short video presentation, from 1 to 2 minutes. With that, it will be easier to know you. Some people even prefer to see you to be more sure of who is travelling with. In this video you can explain what do you do, how old are you and why you want to travel. You can also tell us how you like to travel. Here's an example

"My name is Mary, I'm 25 years, I'm lawyer and I live in Barcelona. I like sport, reading mystery novels and partying with friends. I consider myself a Nomadizer because I have an adventurous spirit. I'm always thinking about which is the next trip to organized and often I can't due to incompatibility of dates with my friends. So I thought Nomadizers is a perfect platform for me. Why have I to give up my passion when there is a community of people like me connected to the other side of the computer? I usually travel as backpacker and low-cost. So if anyone wants to contact me, go ahead!"

Get to know your travelmate a little better before you go on a trip

We want to advise you something: before embarking on a trip with another Nomadizer, observe his/her profile to check that you have interests in common and look at the opinions of other travelers. It is also interesting you talk to him through our messaging system. This service we offer is designed for exchange views on the type of trip you like to do and, of course, to know each other a little. Actually, it is only a first contact, but it can encourage you to go forward or verify that you don't have much to do with that person.

Our travel groups are a perfect tool for travelling

Another tip we would like to give you is to make use of groups. You'll see, it's a fantastic tool! It is specially designed so that you can organize your trip. Even so you can distribute some tasks (who will carry maps or who's going to take music, for example) and select the route you want to do. It is a super useful space. And in the same way you can use it to create groups for plans. For example, if you want to have a party, take this tool to share the costs: Ana will take the drink, Mario, potatoes, etc. You'll be a fan of it, sure! Check it out!

Utiliza las nuevas tecnologías para conocer más a los viajeros

Aprovecha Whatsapp o Skype para mantener conversaciones en vivo con tus posibles compañeros de viaje. De esta manera, podrás comprobar si hay feeling entre vosotros. Las nuevas tecnologías nos permiten conocer gente tanto en la ciudad en la que resides como a la que vas a viajar, ¡así que no lo dudes! Miles de nomadizers te esperan, así que anímate ¡y disfruta de la experiencia!

Live your own adventure and become a real Nomadizer!

Finally, we want to ask you one thing: have a good time. Enjoy our Nomadizer's World and seize the moment. Life is complicated enough! Share your experiences with other travelers and do not let the adventure ends.

See you inside, Nomadizer!

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